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Jan 31, 2024

This episode of the Small Firm Philosophy podcast features an interview with Dennis Sherrin, CPA, CGMA, chief value officer and strategic consultant at Avizo Group, Inc., an Alabama-based CPA firm with 35 team members in the United States and India.

Sherrin discusses how Avizo implemented Lean Six Sigma (LSS) to streamline the firm’s tax practice and slash overtime hours, even during tax season.

“Have we eliminated overtime hours? Absolutely not,” said Sherrin. “But have we drastically reduced overtime during our busiest seasons and eliminated it outside of those seasons? We absolutely have.”

SFP is produced by AICPA & CIMA’s firm services team, aka the Private Companies Practice Section (PCPS). PCPS manager Erin Hartman, CPA, conducted the interview, which is part of an ongoing series on accounting firm business model transformation that PCPS is leading for AICPA & CIMA. 

For more on the series, check out the Transforming Your Business Model landing page. To learn more about Sherrin and his firm, go to the Avizo Group website. For more on Avizo’s Project 40 initiative to reduce overtime, read the AICPA & CIMA Insights article “How this firm made 40 the new standard for the 70+ hour week."